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World’s Oldest Gorilla Turns 59

Everyone enjoys a birthday party and even Colo the Gorilla likes to celebrate. Gorillas do not live as long as humans, but Colo has reached 59 and is one of oldest Gorillas in captivity.


Colo, a western gorilla in residence at the Columbus Zoo, has added yet another candle to her birthday cake. Now 59 years old, she continues to be the oldest living gorilla in human care.On Tuesday morning, Colo’s habitat was filled with colorful construction paper chains and enrichment toys to mark the occasion. She will celebrate the day with a clementine, tomato and cupcake feast with her family.Koko The Gorilla Still A Wonder At 44: PhotosAge isn’t slowing down the feisty matriarch; zoo officials report that, apart from arthritis, her health is “fantastic.”“We embrace every single birthday we have with her,” Columbus Zoo assistant curator Audra Meinelt said in a statement.

Source: World’s Oldest Gorilla Turns 59 : Discovery News