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Woman who Gave her Life to Save the Gorillas

This is the lady hat not only learned about Gorillas, she lived with them and then she fought so hard to protect them and look after them.

Before Fossey’s work, gorillas had an appalling reputation as violent brutes that would kill a human on sight. Fossey demolished this myth. Living alongside a group of mountain gorillas in the forests of Rwanda, she showed that these huge apes are actually gentle giants, with individual personalities and rich social lives. In many ways they are like us.But the mountain gorillas were also in terminal decline, their habitats encroached on by farms and overrun by war and civil unrest. Fossey spent her last years fighting an increasingly savage battle to save them, until she finally lost her life in 1985.The 1988 film Gorillas in the Mist presented a fictionalised version of Fossey’s story. We have attempted to tell it as it really happened by speaking in depth to three of Fossey’s colleagues and friends, one of whom, Ian Redmond, provided nearly all the photos featured.

Source: BBC – Earth – The woman who gave her life to save the gorillas