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These Baboons Eat Shark Eggs

These Baboons eat fish and crabs and will also go out in the river and search out Shark eggs and eat them too.

These are Chacma baboons. For the most part, they scavenge on land, but once every two weeks in the spring, they head out to the edge of the ocean to eat the babies of the sea’s alpha predator.Papio ursinus, or Chacma baboons, live around the southern tip of Africa. They’re notable for their size—males get to be longer, but not necessarily heavier, than any other baboons on the planet. They’re also often studied for their behavior.

Chacma baboons are also more likely than other types of baboons to form friendships between females and males. That sounds like a sappy, feel-good story until researchers found out that lactating females, who had young children, were more likely to seek out male friendships than any other. These baboons have a high rate of infanticide, and females with male friends are likely to keep their babies alive.

Source: These Baboons Eat Shark Eggs