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The Essence of Good Gorilla Care

Werribee Open Range Zoo is in Victoria in Australia. This article is about the movement of Gorillas from one zoo to another and how the Gorillas cope with a big change in their lives.

Three years ago last month, we moved three beautiful male gorillas to a new home at Werribee Open Range Zoo. Previously Silverback Motaba and his two sons Yakini and Ganyeka had lived at Melbourne Zoo for many years. I remember the day that the three boys ventured into their new home at Werribee. Motaba, as the dominant male, was first to explore the rolling hills of their new Western home, followed by Yakini and then youngest, Ganyeka. When it came to choosing the night dens, Motaba was the first to claim the corner den right next to where the keepers prepared their breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Gathering a huge amount of hay to make his big comfortable nest for the night, Motaba was king of the new domain.

Source: The essence of good gorilla care | Zoos Victoria