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Gorilla Throws Rock

Another Gorilla loses his temper in a Zoo and is caught on video. This time a Gorilla threw a rock to someone who was filming him. The gorilla showed great dexterity in picking up the rock as a weapon and throwing it. There is no doubting the intelligence of Gorillas, and with intelligence comes to […]


Angry Gorilla Cracks Window

What would you do if a Gorilla got angry? Remember, he is huge and in a temper he can really damage walls and hurt others. Many people believe Gorillas hunt other animals for food, but Gorillas are generally herbivores. They usually eat vegetation such as wild celery, shoots, roots, fruit, tree bark and tree pulp, […]


Escaped Monkey Back in Memphis Zoo 

There are many zoos in America where you can see my Monkey friends. One of them is the very famous Memphis Zoo. The zoo recently had a small problem where a rather naughty that Macaques Monkey ran off, but was was found and returned to his home. Did you know that the Macaques constitute, what is called […]