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Childhood trauma is tough on Baboons

Imagine being neglected or bullied and imagine how a young person would feel. Now think about how a poor monkey would feel if it happened to him. People who experience abuse or neglect during childhood are more likely to develop heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems later in life, even after the stressful events […]


Clever Monkey With Phone

Many monkeys are known to pick up anything and even steal from people as they walk past. Mostly this is down to curiosity, but this monkey stole a phone and would not give it back until he got some food. In travelling abroad, losing things is on top of the list of precautions and on […]


Cute Baby Monkey

This is a really cute video of mother and child in Thailand. It is just showing a mother breastfeeding her young, but just look at the love in their eyes. Beautiful bonding between mother and child. Source: CUTE BABY MONKEY, FUNNY BABY MONKEY, MONKEY BREASTFEEDING BABY, MONKEY BEACH, THAILAND – YouTube


Monkey gets Frostbite

When Monkeys are taken away and become pets they may or may not enjoy it. The problem is, now that the pet has no freedom and every decision is made by the owner. If the owner is stupid and leaves a monkey out in the cold, then the monkey will suffer. This is what happened […]


Comparisons Between Chimps and Humans

We have always been told that many Monkeys are very close to humans in many ways. Here we have an article that talks about that in more detail. Remember that we have feelings too!! Chimpanzees are often incorrectly called monkeys. they’re actually in the great ape family just like us. The other great apes are […]


King of Ginger Swingers

What colour would a baby monkey be if both the parents were black haired? Yes, of course the offspring would be black. Well, that would be true 99% of the time, but as you can see from the amazing picture below that orange is the colour.   A RARE baby monkey is turning heads at […]

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