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Wide-Eyed Amenity of Lemurs

The humble Lemur is a small monkey type creature that is found in many places worldwide, however the main area where these amazing primates can be found is in Madagascar. It is even possible to stay in some beautiful hotels to watch these amazing animals.   Like hotels everywhere, those in the African nation of […]


Conflicting Interest in Madagascar

The Lemurs look like really cute cats and thanks to humans the populations are slowly increasing. The largest ever living type of lemur was the Archaeoindris with its weight ranging between 160 and 200 kg. It became extinct when humans first settled in Madagascar about 2,000 years ago.   In the fight for conservation Madagascar […]


Madagascar’s Lemurs From the Brink of Extinction

Hundreds of school children and environmentalists took to the streets of Madagascar’s capital to celebrate the country’s annual World Lemur Festival. This was done to try and protect these beautiful animals. In the article below you will hear about how humans are really getting involved in this great cause. Conservationists have launched nine new initiatives […]


Lemurs of Madagascar

Lemurs are some of the oldest mammals on planet Earth going back millions of years. They have been around so long that they make the time you humans have been on the planet look so small. Lemurs have survived ice ages and have managed to stay ahead of everything nature has thrown at them. They […]