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Lemurs Born in Philadelphia

Philadelphia zoo in America has some new arrivals and they are very cute too. Four new arrivals and they are the cutest Lemurs you may ever see. Meet Philadelphia Zoo’s Black-and-white Ruffed Lemurs, born on February 21.  Together, these four fluffy babies weigh only one-third of a pound, but they add up to a ton […]


Wide-Eyed Amenity of Lemurs

The humble Lemur is a small monkey type creature that is found in many places worldwide, however the main area where these amazing primates can be found is in Madagascar. It is even possible to stay in some beautiful hotels to watch these amazing animals.   Like hotels everywhere, those in the African nation of […]


Baby Lemurs Born at Mogo Zoo

Mogo zoo is in New South Wales in Australia and is a private zoo and was opened in 1991 and is fully funded by charity money and they have just had an addition to the zoo of two Lemurs. Two critically endangered black and white ruffed lemurs have been born at the south coast’s Mogo […]


Surrounded by Lemurs – Perth Zoo

The Lemurs at Perth Zoo are performing for the camera here. The Zoo educates everyone about Lemurs and raises awareness about the Lemurs and their natural habitat. Thanks to Perth Zoo http://www.perthzoo.com.au for the awesome Lemur Island Close Encounter experience. Lemurs are such funny and curious animals, all with unique personalities. Source: 360º Surrounded by […]

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