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Howler monkey center – YouTube

So what is a Howler Monkey? Howler monkeys are among the largest of the New World monkeys and one of only a few nest-building monkeys. Fifteen species are currently recognised. Previously classified in the family Cebidae, they are now placed in the family Atelidae. These monkeys are native to South and Central American forests. Threats […]


Deep Monkey Roars

We can all shout loud in fun or in fear, but some of us monkeys can shout louder than others. The article below talks about the Howler monkeys and the howling noises they make. It says an individual roar can be heard 5km away-wow!! Howler monkeys make among the loudest, deepest sounds of any land […]


Orphan Red Howler Monkey

It is great when humans help monkeys. Here we see a short video featuring Pomelo who was found by police in distress. Pomelo is now very safe and being looked after. Pomeleo is a fruit with a strong citrus taste. I am not sure why they named him Pomelo! It is great when humans help […]