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Heartwarming Photos of Gorillas

Even as the volcano spews cloud and dust over these Gorillas we can see the care and love they have for each other. Hugging their mother tighter than ever before, these are the adorable twin gorillas who are growing fast in the Rwandan jungle after being born at Volcanoes National Park in January. Source: Heartwarming […]


Drastic Decline of Grauer’s Gorillas in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo – Gorilla Doctors Gorilla Doctors

The Gorillas are vanishing from planet Earth. The numbers are falling very drastically and what are WE going to do about it? It is estimated that there has been a 77-93% decline in Grauer’s gorilla populations over the last 20 years; there are now an estimated 3,800 individuals left in the world.Causes for the devastating […]


Rwanda Gorilla Groups

Rwanda can be a very dangerous place in Africa with many wars over a very long period. So, it is good to see that even during bad times the nice humans are looking after the Gorillas of Rwanda. Tourists bring money and indirectly welfare to the Gorillas. Rwanda is among the three countries in the […]

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