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Chimp Habituation Experience

The Kibale National Park was opened in 1993 in Uganda and is around 30 km from Fort Port.This is a great place to meet chimps in the wild and who are safe from any hunters. Chimpanzee habituation experience is now available in Kibale Forest National Park where tourists have an opportunity to spend a whole […]


Chimpanzees Returned to Owners

It is awful when there is a custody fight over a person, but what happens when the custody battle is over chimpanzees? Two New York research chimpanzees have been returned to the organization that owns them, effectively ending a 2-year legal battle to have the animals declared legal persons. The State University of New York […]


Chimp Facts

Probably the Chimpanzees are the most famous of the Monkeys. They have become part of human culture with Cheetah appearing with Tarzan for decades and decades on TV and film. Many TV commercials and comedy shows would have Chimpanzees appearing as they look cute and they act cheeky. But, what do you know about these […]