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Stanley's Blog

Welcome to my blog, here I will post all my Monkey News, Monkey Videos, my Ponder of the Day, Bob's Jokes, Weekly fun quizzes and anything else I think may be of interest to you about my life.



Madagascar’s ‘marine’ lemurs

*****Stanleys Comments Go Here***** Madagascar’s mangroves, so vital for maintaining fisheries and storing carbon, may also be much more important than we thought for conserving the country’s lemurs. Source: New Research: Madagascar’s ‘marine’ lemurs | Blue Ventures » Blue Ventures


Orangutan goes Bananas

Nobody wants to be filmed when they have a temper tantrum. However, this Orangutan lost his temper on camera over some cardboard!!!! A visitor to the Omaha Zoo captured an orangutan's loud reaction when two siamangs tried to take his cardboard. The smaller apes...


Funny Baboon Dance

Baboons can get very angry and they also most have a sense of humour too. Would you dance on camera like this? We were at a zoo in Fuertaventura and one of the baboons came up to the glass and started doing a territorial...


Facts About Orangutans

If you have ever seen the films of Planet of the Apes you would see that the Orangutans are presented as the intelligent monkey. In the film they are the scientists, but what are the true facts about this wonderful animal? Orangutans are known...


IAR Rescue 20 Orangutans

The Monkey populations are in great danger and when forest fires strike it takes away the habitat for years. In Indonesia there have been many fires during 2015 and the Orangutan population has been badly affected. Lucky many volunteers have worked hard to save...


Common Squirrel Monkey

Great video about the Squirrel Monkey. Squirrel monkeys grow to around 10" to 14" and weigh up to 2.5 pounds. They are very intelligent as measured in body and brain mass ratio. For example a human has a ratio of 1:35 and the Squirrel...


Squirrel Monkeys Drink From a Cup

Squirrel Monkeys are fun animals and here are some facts, followed by using cups! Squirrel monkeys are gregarious and live together in groups in the tropical forests of Central and South America, especially in Bolivia and Brazil. Squirrel monkeys eat insects, fruit, and other...


Do Monkeys Make Good Pets?

Humans love dogs and cats. They love goldfish and hamsters. All these are great pets, but are Monkeys good pets? This is probably the most common question that I get as a primate keeper. It often comes up while I’m giving a keeper chat,...


New Dwarf Lemur Species

The Lemurs of Madagascar have increased in the number of species as two people living there took a vacation and found a new species!   Dr. Charlie Gardner, a conservation researcher at the University of Kent, UK and his wife, Louise Jasper, a nature...


Monkey and Kitten

Ok, double cute alert. Not only do we have a beautiful Macaque monkey staring at the camera, but we have the sweetest white cat too. Jaeda has two cats that she carries around with her and they love her as much as she loves...


Many ape-y returns

Sometimes when you invite friends and family to your birthday party. It is very easy to make a mess and hope that somebody else will clear everything up. This is the situation for Ricky and friends in Scotland.   CHIMP Ricky is king of...


Monkeys DO show Empathy

First of all we need to know what empathy is. Empathy is the experience of understanding another person's condition from their perspective. You place yourself in their shoes and feel what they are feeling. Empathy is known to increase prosocial (helping) behaviors. Now, scientists...


Rwanda Gorilla Groups

Rwanda can be a very dangerous place in Africa with many wars over a very long period. So, it is good to see that even during bad times the nice humans are looking after the Gorillas of Rwanda. Tourists bring money and indirectly welfare...


Chimp Facts

Probably the Chimpanzees are the most famous of the Monkeys. They have become part of human culture with Cheetah appearing with Tarzan for decades and decades on TV and film. Many TV commercials and comedy shows would have Chimpanzees appearing as they look cute...


Howler Monkey a Massage

We all know that Howler Monkeys are small and sweet and friendly, but did you know they can give a massage too? Well, here is the proof as Baloo gives Kapi a massage that was caught on video. Enjoy. Unlikely friendship between a capybara...


Lemurs of Madagascar

Lemurs are some of the oldest mammals on planet Earth going back millions of years. They have been around so long that they make the time you humans have been on the planet look so small. Lemurs have survived ice ages and have managed...


Monkey Dads

The story below tells us more about the relationships of the dads and the baby Monkeys. It shows that sometimes the dads look after many Monkey children, some who are not there real children.But, nevertheless they still fed and protect them. "For a long...


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