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Squirrel Monkey Costa Rica

The Squirrel monkey are some of the most ignored by the public. We talk about Gorillas and Baboons and we smile at chimps and Capuchin monkeys. How often do we hear about the Spider monkey?

Habitat Squirrel monkeys make their homes in tropical evergreen forests, mangroves, and secondary forests.RangeThe squirrel monkey is found only in Panama and the Pacific lowlands and southern part of Costa Rica.National ParksCorcovado National Park, Manuel Antonio National Park Physical Description. The squirrel monkey is mostly a greenish yellow color, with a white throat, face, and ears and a black muzzle and tail tip. The undersides of its limbs are white or yellow, and it has a long prehensile tail. Biology and Natural HistorySquirrel monkeys keep in groups which vary widely in size depending on the carrying capacity of their habitat: some troops are as small as 7 to 8, and others as large as 100 (these have been sighted in the Amazon basin).

Several adult males will join in a single troop, and there are usually four adult females for every male. Females will have a single baby at a time after a 165-day gestation period.This diurnal monkey has the most restricted range of Costa Rican primates, although it is very similar to and may be same species as Saimiri sciureus, another squirrel monkey which lives in Amazonian portions of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Guyanas.

Source: Squirrel Monkey , Costa Rica – information, where to see it, and photos