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Spider Monkey – Monkey Facts and Information

The Spider Monkey is probably not as well know as the Chimpanzee. Here are some interesting facts about these long armed Monkeys.

They were called  Spider monkeys by the way they hang on to branches. They would have one arm on one branch and the other arm on another branch, making them look like a big black spider

The tail is very important and they use it like an extra arm. This means they can free an arm to eat and still stay safe in the tree without fear of falling.

Spider monkeys are black,but can also be seen in many over colours including brown, red and golden.

With extremely long limbs the Spider Monkey can resemble a spider in many ways. That is where the namesake for it comes from. They may weigh up to 20 pounds with thin dangling limbs that are very strong. The tail is also very long and they have the ability to pick things up and hold them with that tail.This is one of the few species of Monkeys in the world that don’t have thumbs. Many people don’t realize that as they think all Monkeys have opposable thumbs.

They can be found in a variety of colors. Those colors often depend on where they live as well as what sub species they belong to. Such coloring can include shades of white, gold, black, brown, orange, and red.These are very fast and agile Monkeys. They also have thick fur all over the body except for on their faces. There are legends about the Spider Monkey being evil but many experts believe that many people were just afraid of the physical appearance of this very peculiar animal.

Source: Spider Monkey – Monkey Facts and Information