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Spider Monkey Love – YouTube

We all love to see Monkeys play and enjoy themselves. Here is a video off YouTube that has just that, it shows Spider Monkeys playing.

Some Stanley facts about my friends the Spider Monkey.

They were named Spider Monkeys as they are seen hanging onto separate branches of the trees using all of their four limbs and the tail as well,

Their tail is used by the monkey as a fifth hand to hang from the branches, which leaves their hands free for food collection.

Spider Monkey’s Diet As the diet and food of spider monkeys mainly consist of 90% fruit, nuts, seeds, insects and birds eggs

The limbs of spider monkeys are quite long and have hooked-shaped hands due to the absence of thumbs, which give them a powerful hold on the branches.

They make very loud calls and screeches, which are used to alert members of the troop.

Source: Spider Monkey Love – YouTube