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Sabah, Borneo: Mountains, Monkeys and Mangosteens

Monkeys are nearly everywhere in the world, from Africa to Asia and Europe to Australia. We have been a round a very long time and it seems humans really like us.

There are so many places to find us outside of Zoos and one of these places is in Asia in Borneo actually.

Proboscis Safari: The proboscis monkey was not blessed with great looks, with its long, bulbous nose and pot belly. Only found in Borneo, these monkeys are rare finds in the wild. Amazing Borneo offers sunset boat safaris in the Labuk Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary. Bring binoculars, as most perch high in trees.Baby Bonding: Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria Resort a chic place to stay with delicious restaurants and plenty of things to do like paddle-boarding on the China Sea or nightly tribal dance lessons. It’s also home to an orangutan sanctuary, where you can watch adorable baby orangutans fly through the air during the daily feedings at 10 am.

Source: Sabah, Malaysia: Mountains, Monkeys and Mangosteens —