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Rwanda Gorilla Groups

Rwanda can be a very dangerous place in Africa with many wars over a very long period. So, it is good to see that even during bad times the nice humans are looking after the Gorillas of Rwanda. Tourists bring money and indirectly welfare to the Gorillas.


Rwanda is among the three countries in the world with mountain gorillas. These greatly endangered species live in the jungles of volcanoes national park that is located in northwestern Rwanda. Volcanoes national park is located in the Virunga area and has three major Virunga volcanoes – Karisimbi, Mikeno and Bisoke.Of the estimated 400 mountain gorillas in the Virunga area, about 300 in habit the forested gentle slopes of volcanic mountains in volcanoes national park. The park has a total of 10 habituated mountain gorilla families that are open to tourist visitation while two mountain gorilla families were left for research.

The habituated mountain gorilla families are trekked by a group of 8 tourists every day and are expected to spend strictly an hour with them. Below are the habituated mountain gorilla families in volcanoes national park.Agashya Mountain Gorilla Family.This family initially had 13 mountain gorilla members and it was then called 13 group however the mountain gorilla numbers increased and today the family has 25 individual members including a dominant silverback, 12 females, 3 youth gorillas and 7 young ones.The dominant silverback Agashya won the leadership crown after over powering the then group leader Nyakairima in a deadly fight.

After winning, Agashya decided to move the gorilla family uphill for protection against any intruders.Agashya is very ambitious and with his efforts, he managed to increase the mountain gorilla numbers in his family from 12 to 25. Agashya is very protective of his gorilla family and once he senses any danger and intrusion, he moves with the whole mountain gorilla family uphill. This some times makes it harder for tourists to trek this gorilla family.

Source: Rwanda Gorilla Groups – Volcanoes National Park Rwanda