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Retired Chimps See The Sky For The First Time

Over a 100 Monkeys who use to help scientists with experiments have now been freed to live in a nicer place. They are no longer restricted to cages and can even get out in the daylight and enjoys each others company.

Lets hope they will not be the last!

There are hundreds of chimps living in cages in labs across the United States. They’re kept for research purposes and live much of their lives in captivity, never going outside or interacting with other chimpanzees in a natural way. While one can certainly make the argument for medical testing as being beneficial to humans, it’s a sad way for any animal to live.Fortunately, the Humane Society of the United States is stepping in to give these chimpanzees better lives. As the chimps age, they retire just like people. Only for chimps, retiring means living in a natural habitat, climbing trees, and getting to know each other.

Source: Retired Chimps See The Sky For The First Time