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Released Orangutans

Orangutans in the wild are being watched by the PRM group in a place called Buki Batikap. Here is a story of when two competing groups who met in the wild and what happened next.

The PRM team in Bukit Batikap Conservation Forest, Central Kalimantan were observing two mother-infant units: Jambi and Jamartin, and Sumeh, Gembira and Sawung separately when the two groups accidently met up. The interactions between them were quite interesting, as you might have read in the first part of the story.

It did not stop there.While Sumeh’s arrival helped Jambi become more active, we were worried Sumeh might devour all the food in that area before Jambi even tried searching for it herself. The observations continued the next day when I was with Svenja and Erin, another technician. We picked up Jambi’s signal at the same location as the previous day. Once we arrived at the location, we were all surprised to see not only Jambi and Jamartin, but also Sumeh, Sawung and Gembira as well! They were all in the same tree, relaxing together like nothing had happened the day before.

Source: Big Brother is Watching: Observing Released Orangutans in their “New” Environs (2) | BOS Foundation