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Record Breaking Walk to Protect Rarest Primates

Another great story of humans helping animals. Here, we have a man that has trekked for 1500 miles in order to raise money and awareness for the beautiful Lemurs. This is so humbling as the Lemurs have no idea that this is being done in their name.


When visiting a new country, it is recommendable to cram as many sights in as you can in a limited amount of time. But trekking the 1,800-mile length of an entire island might be taking that to extremes.Ash Dykes intends to do just that this month when he walks from one end of Madagascar to another, crossing grueling forested and mountainous terrain in the process. If successful, he will become the first person to achieve the feat.He is well qualified, boasting the title of Adventurer of the Year. Just last year he trekked into the record books by completing a solo 1,500-mile journey across Mongolia during which he accrued the moniker the “ lonely snow leopard” from locals.

Source: Man starts record-breaking walk to protect one of the world’s rarest primates