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Rare Lemur sent on holiday

We all love to go on a holiday, and we all especially like to take a holiday abroad. This lucky Lemur from Japan is planning a fantastic holiday in Jersey, which is a small Island in England. The reason for the holiday is to find this lady Lemur a very romantic male partner. I hope she will meet some other Lemur and fall in love and have a family. How romantic.


Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo is sending Ala, a female aye-aye lemur, on “an extended romantic vacation” to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, the Asahi Shimbun newspaper reports. Zoologists are hoping she will “enjoy a fling” with a male aye-aye during her time at the facility on the island of Jersey in the English Channel, the daily adds.The zoo says it’s sending the six-year-old on the long-distance trip in order to retain the diversity of the primate’s gene pool. “We hope that Ala gives birth to healthy babies and will deliver happy news to us,” one zoo official tells Asahi Shimbun.Ala is due to arrive in Jersey on Friday, accompanied by her Japanese keeper. The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust says she will be in quarantine for up to four months before meeting a potential suitor, Pan, who has been at the centre since last year.

Source: Japan: Rare lemur sent on ‘romantic holiday’ to Jersey – BBC News