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Pygmy Slow Loris is First Known Hibernating Primate Outside of Madagascar

I did not know that there are certain species of Lemurs that actually hibernate. This is like a long sleep for weeks or months and it is done to protect themselves from the cold. But, the Lemurs are now doing this and scientists are a little surprised.

Bears hibernate during winters. So do some bats, squirrels, and many other mammals. But very few primates are known to hibernate. In fact, scientists have previously observed hibernation in only three species of lemurs, all found in Madagascar: the western fat-tailed lemur, Crossley’s dwarf lemur and Sibree’s dwarf lemur.Now, researchers have discovered a non-Malagasy primate species — the pygmy slow loris (Nycticebus pygmaeus) inhabiting forests of southeast Asia — that hibernates during winter.

This is the first record of a hibernating primate outside of Madagascar, according to a new study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports.“There had been anecdotal observations of pygmy lorises that remained inactive for several days,” Thomas Ruf of Universty of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria, said in a statement. “Occasionally animals were encountered that felt cool to the touch. However, we discovered only now that the lorises actually hibernate.”

Source: Pygmy slow loris is first known hibernating primate outside of Madagascar, study says