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Pygmy Marmosets

I have seen very big humans and very small humans. I have seen animals that grow very big and a few that stay very small. Here are some cousins of mine who never grow big and are some of the smallest monkeys on the planet. Just make sure you do not tread on one by mistake.


Monkeys that can fit in a teacup, chameleons the size of your thumbnail and hummingbirds that are easily mistaken for insects are just a few examples of the amazingly small creatures found in nature. Many of the world’s tiniest animals are found in what used to be relatively untouched, secluded areas like the island of Madagascar off the southeast coast of Africa, but are now threatened due to human activity. Others are simply aberrations of nature, like Thumbelina, the 17-inch-tall horse. One thing that all of these creatures have in common other than small stature, however, is the fact that they’re insanely cute.

Source: Pygmy Marmosets And 14 Other Tiny, Adorable Animals