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Puerto Rico’s Monkey Island

Many years ago, in fact, way back in the 1930’s a very special Island was found to house only Monkeys. Over all that time the Monkeys have grown and grown in population terms and now many humans go there to learn all about the Monkey isolated behaviour.

The Monkeys are not often disturbed , which allows the human scientists to study their health and to see and record the Monkeys over a long long time as these Monkeys never react to things like cars, as there are none. It is like going back in time.

Over the years, at least nine generations of rhesus macaques have yielded interesting insights into, among other things, kinship and the interplay between genetics and behavior — the sorts of questions that detailed, longitudinal research of a broad, free-ranging population can best answer.It’s sunrise, as I start my visit, and a bunch of scientists are climbing into a boat. They’re wearing khaki short and boots. Some have backpacks. Someone fires up the engine and the boat begins to cross a calm channel of water. Up ahead, I can see the island — steep cliffs and lush green trees. The boat pulls up to the dock, and as we get out we scrub the soles of our shoes with a brush and dip them in pink disinfecting liquid.

Source: Puerto Rico’s Monkey Island Lures Scientists For Generations : NPR