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Proboscis Monkeys & Fireflies River 

Some of my Monkey friends do not live in a Zoo. Some of them still live in the wilderness and the only way to see them is to travel to where they live. All around the world you can see Monkeys in trees, but to see these Monkeys you must take a boat ride first.


Your Proboscis Monkeys & Fireflies River Cruise tour starts at 2pm with the journey from Kota Kinabalu to mangrove forests near Kota Belud, about 2 hours away.The Proboscis Monkeys & Fireflies River Cruise is the ideal opportunity to experience Sabah’s jungle wildlife in one of Borneo’s beautiful wetlands, not too far from Kota Kinabalu.From the quaint little village of Tamau near Kota Belud, the Proboscis Monkeys & Fireflies River cruise sails along the Tempasuk river.

It’s here where you’ll have the chance to see Sabah’s unique wildlife, one of the celebrities being the Proboscis Monkey with its distinctively large, protruding nose.

Source: Proboscis Monkeys & Fireflies River Cruise – SabahBah.com