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Preserving the Endangered Spider Monkey

Drones are a relatively new invention of man and allow video to be taken that probably could not be done any other way. Here, we see the drone  spying on the small Spider Monkey.

Interesting Spider monkey Facts:

Size of spider monkey depends on the species. On average, spider monkeys reach 13.25 pounds in weight, 2 feet in length and 3-5 feet in height.
One of the most prominent features on the spider monkey’s body is long, prehensile tail. The tail is used as fifth limb that facilitates movement through the dense vegetation.
Spider monkeys are named that way because they hang from the trees by holding different branches with their limbs and long tails, “shaped” like spiders. Spider monkeys do not have a thumb. Their four fingers are curved and look like a hook, which is special adaptation to the life in the forest.


Recently, we discovered that the Ecuadorian organization Drone & GIS has been using our E384 fixed-wing drone for quite the unique and amazing application; saving the spider monkeys. The Brown-headed Spider Monkeys are a critically endangered species, and efforts for their preservation and well-being have been ongoing. By flying our E384 over an area of the forest of about 1200 hectares, Drone & GIS  was able to quickly and efficiently discover which areas of the forest are habitable for the continued well-being of the spider monkey

Source: Preserving the Endangered Spider Monkey in Ecuador through UAV Forest Monitoring