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Potawatomi Zoo Welcomes Spider and Squirrel Monkeys

The Potawatomi Zoo is located in Indiana in the U.S. Like most important Zoos , Potawatomi studies and teaches about their animals. So, now with the new spider and Squirrel Monkeys, the zoo will use its Education Department, that offers a variety of classes and programs for children and families.

The study has been named Edzoocational. What a great name, and the zoo will teach your children about animals throughout the year by attending ZooCamps, which are fun and edzoocational, so be prepared to have a wild time.

Geoffroy’s Spider Monkey

The Potawatomi Zoo in South Bend welcomes squirrel and spider monkeys to the new Monkey Islands. The two new islands located in the front pond now house two different South American species of primates, six squirrel monkeys and three spider monkeys after 10 years of vacancy.

Anyone is welcome to stop by and see the monkeys interact and explore their new home.’What makes these island exhibits so unique is the ability for visitors to view primates as they would in the wild. The water around the islands is a natural barrier for the primates. These unique environments allow the monkeys to demonstrate natural behaviors” said General Curator, Josh Sick.

Source: Potawatomi Zoo welcomes spider and squirrel monkeys – Fox 28: South Bend, Elkhart IN News, Weather, Sports