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Police Rescue Baby Howler Monkey from Drunk Man

This poor Howler Monkey has had a very bad experience, thanks to a silly drunk man in Liberia. The poor monkey must have been very scared as the man held the monkey and at the same time was messing around with a knife. If people get drunk, they MUST stay out of the way of animals as we just do not understand that behaviour. I prefer a Banana.


Officers from Fuerza Publica, the national police force of Costa Rica, arrested a drunk man who, for some reason, was holding a baby howler monkey hostage in Liberia, province of Guanacaste.According to official press release CP-1602-2015 from the Ministry of Public Security, Fuerza Publica officers assigned to the main precinct in Liberia responded to reports of a threatening man who walked around yelling at pedestrians while carrying a tiny primate.It all happened in the Curubande district, where the officers arrived to find that, in fact, a drunk and belligerent man was wielding a machete and holding on very tightly to a juvenile howler monkey that seemed to be very nervous.

The boozer was identified by the last name of Miranda; he was easily disarmed, but the officers had to take him down in order to wrestle the monkey off his grip. Both the machete and the animal were confiscated.The disposition of the intoxicated primate was not mentioned in the press release; however, the baby howler spent a few hours at the Fuerza Publica precinct while waiting for wildlife conservation officials from the Ministry of the Environment to arrive. The monkey was taken to the wildlife rescue center at Santa Rosa National Park, where it was determined to be in good health.

Source: Police Rescue Baby Howler Monkey from Drunk Man in Costa Rica – Costa Rica Star News