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Panda Lemur Making a Comeback

Thanks to help from humans the population of Bamboo Lemurs has started to grow again. Lemurs are a special group of primates, which look  like a cat crossed and a squirrel and a dog, and are found in Madagascar.  Lemurs live in a variety of habitats. Some live in moist, tropical rainforests, while others live in dry desert areas. The name lemur comes from the Latin word lemures, which actually means the ‘spirits of the night’.

One of the world’s biggest populations of greater bamboo lemurs (Prolemur simus)—sometimes known as the panda lemur—has doubled in just three years, giving conservationists new hope that the species can be kept from extinction. With the recent arrival of twenty babies, a community conservation project run by the Aspinall Foundation has boosted the local population to over 100 individuals in Andriantantely, one of Madagascar’s only surviving lowland rainforests.

Greater bamboo lemurs are currently categorized as Critically Endangered, though they were once believed extinct until hidden populations were uncovered in the 1980s.“Andriantantely is a remarkably important forest in global terms,” said Tony King, the Aspinall Foundation’s Conservation Coordinator. “Almost everything in Madagascar is unique to Madagascar, and sadly almost everything in Madagascar is under threat. Lowland rainforest has already been almost completely lost, so every remaining fragment is precious. Andriantantely is one of the most precious, having survived a little longer and a little better than other forests due to local traditions held dear over generations.”

Source: Panda lemur making a comeback