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Orangutans Habitat Disappearing

The Orangutan is in such danger of extinction and it seems that the message is just not getting out to people. As mentioned in the article below, people are so worried about Pandas and other cute animals, but the likes of the amazing Orangutans have just being forgotten.

Malaysian Primatological Society (MPS) president Dr Mashhor Mansor said the primates, which were an endangered species, might go extinct by 2020 due to forest fires and poachers.“It defies logic to see efforts being done to counter the threat to pandas but none for the orangutan population, which should be our responsibility,” he said during the launch of the Post-Haze Orangutan Conservation Fund 2015 at Universiti Sains Malaysia yesterday.Conservation efforts, Dr Mashhor said, had always come from Europe for orangutans since the 1990s, which was a shame as it was an Asian problem.“We have thousand of hectares of forest destroyed by private developers, which are the natural habitat of the orangutans, but no funding was forthcoming to relocate them to safer areas,” he said.

Source: Society: Orangutans habitat disappearing – Nation | The Star Online