Orangutan – Separated from her Mother Makes Friends

Some cruel humans had snatched the mother of this baby Orangutan and this left the baby alone and in a great deal of trouble. Lucky for this baby Orangutan is now getting better and making new friends.

An orphaned baby orangutan who was so traumatised she resorted to self-harm, is enjoying its new life at a ‘monkey pre-school’ on Borneo, Indonesia – and has even made friends.Joss the baby ape was taken from her mother in the wild by poachers and sold at a black market pet shop for £25 – despite it being illegal to keep orangutans in Indonesia.When the tiny female arrived at the rescue centre in Ketapang in the West Kalimantan province of Borneo, she displayed clear signs of trauma and abuse.

Source: Orangutan who self-harmed after being separated from her mother makes its first friends | Daily Mail Online