Orangutan goes Bananas

Nobody wants to be filmed when they have a temper tantrum. However, this Orangutan lost his temper on camera over some cardboard!!!!

A visitor to the Omaha Zoo captured an orangutan’s loud reaction when two siamangs tried to take his cardboard. The smaller apes also pulled on the orangutan’s hair, and the great ape chased them around the enclosure in retaliation.The video was posted by the YouTube channel Amanda Briggs,which is maintained by regulars at the Omaha Zoo. The channel is usually devoted to another primate.”We’ve developed some really cool “friendships” with some of the gorillas there, spending several hours a week at the zoo with them, watching them, and trust me when I say they watch us just as much,” the YouTube channel’s description reads.

Source: Orangutan goes bananas when smaller apes try to take his cardboard | 6abc.com