Operation Lemur with John Cleese

John Cleese is a very famous TV comedian who has been on TV since the 1960s. He also has a huge passion for the wonderful Lemurs and here he is narrating and engaging on a TV documentary all about the cute Lemurs.

Cleese had a lifelong obsession with the lemurs of Madagascar, and he first fell in love with a ringtail lemur at the tender age of 12. Last year, he raised money to release five black and white ruffed lemurs born in captivity back into the rainforests of Madagascar. The U.S.-bred “Carolina Five,” as these lemurs are affectionately known, are the first lemurs ever to be released into the wild. The hope is that they will survive and eventually mate with the existing population of lemurs to introduce new gene

Source: Wild Animals Journeys – Part 5 : Operation Lemur with John Cleese (Documentary) – YouTube