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New Monkey Identified in Africa

Man has identified many species of Monkeys and it is very unusual in this day and age to find a new Monkey. This has happened in Africa and is creating some big excitement.

A new species of monkey has been identified in Africa, the second one in 28 years, say scientists.The primate was discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo where it is known locally as a “lesula”.The species is separated from its nearest cousins by two rivers: the Congo and the Lomami.Conservationists say the discovery highlights the need to protect the diverse wildlife of the Congo basin.The discovery was published in the online journal Public Library of Science.

The first contact scientists had with the monkey was when they encountered a juvenile female, kept in a cage by a primary school director in the town of Opala.Continue reading the main story More Old World monkey sSee baby Phayre’s leaf monkeys’ brightly coloured fur Watch Attenborough following barbary macaques in MoroccoLearn about kipunjis – the first genus discovered since the 1920sHe referred to the animal as a “lesula”, a common name among local hunters, and it was taken into care and monitored by scientists.

Source: BBC Nature – New monkey identified in Africa