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Monkeys Make Coffee 

What would happen if a lot of Monkeys came and played around in your kitchen? These Monkeys were being filmed as part of a TV commercial and the Monkeys had great fun. Just watch and see.

The commercial was made for a company that sells kitchens. Imagine how much damage all these Monkeys could do in a very short time.

A troop of cheeky monkeys trashed a kitchen after coming across it in the wild – and the carnage was captured on camera.Staged at the Jaguar Rescue Center in Costa Rica, the howler, spider and capuchin monkeys initially approach the appliances with a level of caution.However, their curiosity is quick to get the better of them and before long they are jumping all over the worktops and throwing objects and food at cupboards and surrounding trees.

Source: Monkeys throw eggs at trees and even make coffee as they trash a kitchen | Daily Mail Online