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 Monkey World Saved From Swarm of Bees

Imagine if you were playing outside with friends and above you were 100’s of bees all swarming around you. It would be a little scary to say the least. This is what happened in a Zoo in England.

Luckily they managed to get a man to come who was protected from the bees by a suit. He removed the bees and the Monkeys can now play safe.

East Dorset Beekeepers Association member Patti Sandham and her husband Richard say they were called by the venue to help after staff discovered a swarm settled into an old wooden cable drum.Mr Sandham said: “The problem was that the cable drum was suspended over a pond in the middle of one of the Capuchin enclosures. The staff at Monkey World were worried that the Capuchins would disturb the bees and get stung.

Source: Capuchins at Monkey World saved from swarm of bees by Dorset beekeepers | Blackmore Vale Magazine