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Monkey Selfie

I am sure that you saw this amazing picture before. It is a picture that the Monkey took himself, thus making it the very first Monkey selfie. The picture has been everywhere and now the man that helped the monkey take the picture wants to control the royalties. David Slater is the guy who helped make the picture happen. Do you think he should profit from the picture?


On Monday, animal rights activists sought US legal permission for proceeds from the photos to benefit the monkey.But David Slater said it took three days of hard work to get the photo.He said that money accrued from its re-use around the world belongs to him.”It took three days of blood, sweat and tears to get the selfie in which I had to be accepted by the group of monkeys before they would allow me to come close enough to introduce them to my camera equipment,” Mr Slater told the BBC.”The trouble is, other people are trying to steal the ownership rights and I will fight to resist that.

Source: Monkey selfie is mine, UK photographer argues – BBC News