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Monkey gets Frostbite

When Monkeys are taken away and become pets they may or may not enjoy it. The problem is, now that the pet has no freedom and every decision is made by the owner. If the owner is stupid and leaves a monkey out in the cold, then the monkey will suffer. This is what happened to a beautiful Monkey in England.

A MONKEY has been left with FROSTBITE after being kept as a pet in a cage in the far north of England.Tam, a 16-year-old capuchin monkey, is also suffering from breathing difficulties after his lengthy stay in chilly Berwick on the Scottish border.This week he was taken in by the Sun-backed Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary in Looe, Cornwall, which could soon be home to Justin Bieber’s abandoned pet Mally.Until his rescue, Tam was incredibly one of 7,000 monkeys kept as pets by private owners in the UK – around four-fifths of them without a proper licence.The black capped capuchin, from the same branch of the monkey family as Mally, was just a few months old when he was taken from his family in the late 1990s.

Source: Monkey gets frostbite after being kept in cage outdoors in Scotland | The Sun |News