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Monkey Counting 

It is so important to know just how many of us there are in any one place. Some people believe it is easy to count how many we are. Just to let you know it is not easy as we do not have birth certificates or addresses.

To have an exact estimate of the simian population in the state, the Forest Department, with the help of experts, will undertake counting of monkeys in all forest beats of the state on July 1.

To ensure the accuracy of the exercise, a very scientific method will be adopted, under the guidance of renowned primate experts, including Dr Mewa Singh from the University of Mysore, Dr HN Kumara, scientist at the Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History, Coimbatore, and Dr Ajith Kumar of CNBS (National Centre for Biological Sciences), Bangalore.

Source: Monkey counting on July 1