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Monkey and Human Brains 

There is a bigger difference in the brains of humans and monkeys than we first thought. Seems like you humans have a much longer attention span than us Monkeys. We are all intelligent, but we have different priorities and in us Monkeys it is down to survival needs and constant looking for food. f The doctor in the article says that”Humans are much more complex in the way they interact socially, so they need a greater ability — or a better ability — to pick up on those subtle cues and use that information to guide their future decisions than a macaque would”

The human brain is pretty picky about the things it pays attention to. Our senses are constantly bombarded by smells, colors, tastes, and sounds, which means that much of that information has to be filtered out, so we can focus on the stuff that matters — like the stuff that can keep us alive. But humans aren’t the only animals who need to focus on certain cues to stay alive, so what, if anything, sets us apart?

Source: Comparison of monkey and human brains reveals the ‘unique properties’ of human attention | The Verge