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Moby asks Mauritius to Stop Cruel Trade

In some places in the world the Monkeys and humans seem to have a little war with each other, but to be very honest we Monkeys just want to climb trees and eat and we do not want to be annoying our human friends.

Some Monkeys are being mistreated and hurt and now several organisations are making the rest of the world aware in order to stop this happening. Monkey power!!


Mauritius is a popular holiday destination, yet few tourists who visit the island are aware of the suffering that is inflicted on the country’s own monkey population. Hidden away from the sun, sea and sand of the holiday brochures lies a controversial industry that breeds and exports monkeys to laboratories around the world. Tens of thousands of monkeys are held in farms across the country, many of whom were captured from the wild and imprisoned in these farms for breeding.

Source: Moby calls on Mauritius to stop cruel trade in monkeys | Cruelty Free International