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Medical Testing on Chimpanzees no Longer Allowed

Now 193 Chimps have been moved into a Chimp Haven in America as new rules have cut down on places that test medical and pharmacuetical products on Chimps. All great news for and these wonderful animals.

At this 200-acre expanse near Shreveport, in Western Louisiana, chimpanzees have the run of the place.It’s called “Chimp Haven,” a sort of retirement community for chimpanzees, our closest genetic relative in the Animal Kingdom.The National Institutes of Health decided last month to end its support for biomedical experiments on chimpanzees, and it will send them here to live out their days.NIH Director Francis Collins says such medical testing is no longer necessary.DR. FRANCIS COLLINS, DIRECTOR OF THE U.S. NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH: A lot of the things that we used to depend on chimpanzees or other animals, we can now actually do in other ways that are probably more reliable in terms of their predictability about what would happen in a human being.

Source: Medical testing on chimpanzees no longer allowed, the National Institutes of Health says | PBS NewsHour