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Marmoset Twins are Born

Here are new arrivals at the Zoo in Belfast. Two Monkeys at the same time, yes twins have arrived and they are Pygmy Marmosets which are the smallest Monkeys in the world!! So cute. The twins are carried by their parents most of the time, but they’re becoming more adventurous by the day.

Pygmy Marmosets are one of the world’s smallest primates, with adults weighing four to five ounces (110-140g) when fully grown.  Native to South America’s upper Amazon basin, Pygmy Marmosets dwell in rain forests and feed primarily on tree gum.  Using specialized teeth, Marmosets gnaw on trees until sap is released, then lick up the sap.  They also feed on insects which are attracted to the sap, as well as fruits and nectar.

Source: Marmoset – ZooBorns