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Cute Japanese Macaque Monkey Born in Blank Park Zoo

The Keepers at Des Moines, Iowa’s Blank Park Zoo in America, sprang into action when it became clear the mother of a new born baby Japanese Macaque was neglecting her baby.This happens many times and it is very important to give the baby help. The female baby monkey, born April 20, is now being bottle fed every couple of hours and will remain in keepers’ care until she is fully weaned and able to rejoin the Macaque troop.

The Japanese Macaque troop, also known as snow monkeys, at the UK’s Highland Wildlife Park recently welcomed a trio of babies born between April 21 and 25. The three belong to moms Mang, Djangal and Angara. Still only 3 weeks old, the babies are staying close to their mothers. The gender of the little ones will not be determined for a bit and until then, they won’t be named, but keepers are already noticing their different characters starting to come through. One in particular is a little more boisterous than the others!Japanese macaques are found throughout Japan, living in large troupes in woodland and sub-tropical forests. Instantly recognisable due to their bright red faces and white fur, these primates are fully adapted to seasonal climate changes as temperatures in Japan can plummet to as low as -15°C in the winter, making their Scottish Highland home ideal. There are now 21 Japanese macaques living at the Highland Wildlife Park.

Source: Macaque – ZooBorns