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Lemurs of Madagascar

Lemurs are some of the oldest mammals on planet Earth going back millions of years. They have been around so long that they make the time you humans have been on the planet look so small. Lemurs have survived ice ages and have managed to stay ahead of everything nature has thrown at them. They are amazing.

Ring tailed lemurs (2)

The fourth largest island in the world broke off from mainland Africa around 150 million years ago, cast adrift in the Indian Ocean.Isolation proved fertile breeding ground for evolution. Today the island has 8,000 species that are not found in the wild anywhere else on the planet.Of these, lemurs are the star attraction.There are 106 known species and subspecies of the molten-eyed furry forest primates, and tracking them is a thrilling adventure through a landscape of vast contrasts and changing climates.Lemurs inhabit lush tropical rainforests, spiny dry forests, semi-arid desert canyons and cool central highlands.Tracking them is the experience of a lifetime, but isn’t for the fainthearted.And it’s become increasingly tricky as the lemurs face terrible threats to their existence.

Source: Back from the brink: Lemurs of Madagascar – CNN.com