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Lemurs Have Super Arm Strength

Are you strong? Can you arm wrestle with your friends? I have seen many humans arm wrestle and they need a lot of muscles in their arms to do that. Lemurs are very small animals and they look like they could not lift a feather. As you will see from the article below that Lemurs have very strong arms.

The world’s smallest primate is not an intimidating animal. It has outsize eyes, nibbles on fruit and insects, and would fit in your breast pocket. Yet at least one species has a super-strong grip, which might help humans understand how our own hands evolved.Among many species of mouse lemur, the largest—not that that’s much of a distinction—is Microcebus murinus, the gray mouse lemur. Like all other lemurs, M. murinus lives wild only in Madagascar.

But a captive population lives at the French research institution UMR7179 CNRS/MNHN, where graduate student Pauline Thomas and her colleagues decided to measure the strength of the petite animals’ arms.Having a strong grip is crucial for an animal like a lemur that lives in the trees. Some lemurs are acrobats that swing and leap between branches; other species, like mouse lemurs, do more subdued clinging. But all of them would be in trouble if they lost a handhold in a high branch. And since the earliest primates—our ancestors as well as the lemurs’—are thought to have lived in trees too, their need to hang on tight may have influenced what our hands look like today.The researchers s

Source: Mighty Mouse Lemurs Have Super Arm Strength – Inkfish