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Lemur Cinderella Recovers From Injury

If a Lemur was living in the wild and hurts his leg there is no one to help. There are no doctors in his natural habitat and unfortunately, he would just get sicker and die. However, Cinderella who is 17 (she looks much younger) had a bad injury, but because she was in a Zoo the problem was spotted and she has now made a full recovery.

An injured lemur is on the road to recovery after specialist surgery on the animal’s busted ankle.Cinderella went under the knife in mid-August, soon after keepers at Hamilton Zoo noticed a “horrific” ankle injury.The 17-year-old ring-tailed lemur was holding up her back right leg, unable to put any weight on it.

Source: Lemur Cinderella recovers from ankle injury at Hamilton Zoo | Stuff.co.nz