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Jambo the gorilla relives moment 30 years on

This is the story of a very famous Gorilla from many years ago that made the headlines for keeping a young boy safe and well.

It was a story that gripped the nation – a five-year-old boy who was knocked unconscious when he fell into a zoo’s gorilla enclosure and was touchingly protected by a giant male silverback named Jambo, who stood guard as the pack of apes circled.Now, 30 years after the iconic video footage made headlines around the world, Levan Merritt has shared his memories of that fateful day to MailOnline – and revealed how he cannot wait to take his two children back to the place that shaped him as a person.The incident, on August 30 1986, had a profound impact on his life – from developing a permanent relationship with Jersey Zoo, to dealing with bullies at school who teased him with jibes such as ‘Tarzan’ and ‘gorilla boy’, to calling on the dramatic story as he impressed his wife-to-be, Amanda.And the events that could have left such traumatic scars have done nothing to diminish his love of animals – including gorillas.

Source: Levan Merritt who was protected by Jambo the gorilla relives moment 30 years on | Daily Mail Online