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Hunting Of Primates Increases With Economic Growth

Bushmeat is a horrible term that means animals killed for food in the jungle and sold to others.. In some places, it also refers to Monkeys too!! This bushmeat trade is largely being driven by consumers in Malabo who need to eat wildlife to survive,” said Drew Cronin, lead author of the article below.

Baboon sitting

The hunting of wild animals for food – known as “bushmeat” – was once generally seen as sustainable subsistence living in developing countries, with people gathering only what they needed. But recently, in many parts of west and central Africa, the bushmeat trade has taken a worrying turn and become commercialized. It is now thought to represent the biggest threat to biodiversity in the region as professional hunters strip the forests bare of wildlife.New research, conducted by the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program, has shown how the trade in bushmeat fluctuates over time and in response to political, economic and legal changes. The data is the result of 13 years of daily visits to the bushmeat market in the town of Malabo, Bioko Island, which lies just off the coast of central Africa and is the northernmost part of Equatorial Guinea. Over that period of time, they recorded just under 200,000 animal carcasses for sale.

Source: Hunting Of Primates Increases With Economic Growth | IFLScience