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How Monkeys Really Feel About Living in Captivity 

Imagine if you were in a cage all your life? Imagine every time you went out to play you saw people staring at you and always taking pictures of you? In the past people believed that we Monkeys did not care, but they now know that being watched all the time actually makes us Monkeys very stressed.


In the human world, we are taught from a young age that to stare at others is considered rude. We also know that being stared at – particularly by someone we don’t know or perhaps don’t get along with – can make us feel uncomfortable, threatened or scared. Despite recognizing that being watched or stared at is usually an uncomfortable experience for people, for centuries, people have placed animals in zoos for the specific purpose of being watched. Now, new research has been released that confirms that monkeys in zoos show higher stress levels when they know they are being observed than if they are unaware of the eyes upon them.A study, released by researchers at the University of Melbourne confirmed that a group of capuchin monkeys being watched by people showed an almost 70 percent increase in aggressive behavior when compared to monkeys who were unable to see visitors watching them due to a one-way viewing screen.  Not only that but the stress levels in the monkeys who could not see the visitors were almost 40 percent lower than in the test group.

Source: Empty the Cages! How Monkeys Really Feel About Living in Captivity | One Green Planet